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William F. Harrah wearing glasses and looking at the camera


Bill Harrah was an American businessman and entrepreneur who is best known as the founder of Harrah’s Entertainment, now known as Caesars Entertainment Corporation. William F. Harrah was born on September 2, 1911, in South Pasadena, California, and he passed away on June 30, 1978.

Harrah was involved in various business ventures throughout his life, but his most significant contribution was in the casino and hospitality industry. In 1937, he acquired a small bingo parlor in Reno, Nevada, and transformed it into a successful casino. This marked the beginning of his career in the gaming industry.

Under Harrah’s leadership, the company expanded rapidly, acquiring several casinos and hotels across the United States. He was a pioneer in developing customer loyalty programs and market research strategies to better understand and cater to the preferences of casino-goers.

Bill Harrah was known for his innovative approach to business and his dedication to providing exceptional customer service. He was instrumental in transforming Las Vegas into a popular gambling and entertainment destination. His company, Harrah’s Entertainment, grew to become one of the largest casino and hotel chains in the world.

Although Bill Harrah passed away in 1978, his legacy continues through the continued operation and expansion of Caesars Entertainment Corporation, which owns and operates numerous resorts, casinos, and entertainment venues worldwide.